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AbsorbCore Distributors

Distributing ProSorb™ products is a win-win proposition. Distributors get a new product line and income stream, and final customers get cleaner, more pleasant restrooms. If you have building service contracts, contact us about our rental mat program – a model we have created as an alternative to straight sales.

Distribution Features

Unique - ProSorb™ is an entirely new product that addresses the problems and reduces the costs associated with urine splash and drips in restrooms.

Diversity - ProSorb™ provides real benefits to any end-user segment. This wide-ranging appeal helps salespeople penetrate every type of business and account.

Inventory - ProSorb™ is a consumable product. The average life of this product is up to 8 weeks. Typical men's restrooms have 2-3 urinals and 2 commodes. Typical ladies' restrooms have 3-4 commodes. These facts indicate that distribution can accomplish substantial turns on inventory based on their sales efforts.

Repeat Sales - ProSorb™ provides substantial end-user benefits. Once customers see the improved appearance in their restrooms and experience the odor control feature of ProSorb™, they will continually reorder this product.

Promotes Package Selling - ProSorb™ should be only one part of a distributor's "total restroom care" program. Hand towels, tissue, bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectant cleaner, hand soap, deodorants, urinal screens, bowl blocks – ProSorb™ not only fits into one of the most important janitorial sales areas, but it promotes additional sales of other products as well. ProSorb™ is the door opener to increase sales.

Easy to Sell - ProSorb™ is easy to demonstrate and does not require a long selling process. It is not a "me too" product. ProSorb™ will captivate your customers’ interest and truly fulfill a need.

Profitable - ProSorb™ provides the necessary profit margins to allow excellent compensation to salespeople while maintaining a fair and acceptable cost to end-users. ProSorb™ can be a real money maker for any distribution organization.

Branding - With sufficient quantities, individual identity and branding can be accomplished.
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